Bonus Video 3/26 (Public)

The Mask

Because the WiFi is so bad where Blaise is it takes a while to get me videos. This is from when she first got to Mexico. Still not sure when she will be getting out of there.

Think about clicking on her PayPal link below to help Blaise and her family out. Their flight alone, back to Australia, could cost in excess of $10,000. Every little bit helps.



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Urgent Message!

Please Help Blaise!

This is not Blaise commenting. I am a friend of Blaise commenting on her behalf. In case you don't already know, Blaise is in a bad situation right now. While on vacation in California she went sightseeing to Mexico. Well now they will not let her back into the United States for at least 11 days. All of her belongings are in a San Diego hotel which they are now going to have to pay for while they are stuck in Mexico. They also have to get new flights back to Australia and they might have to pay for the tickets again. That's if they can even get back in to Australia.

If there is any time that she needs help and support, it is now. If you want to help Blaise out please click on the PayPal link below. Every little bit helps



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Please Help Blaise!




Public Post 3/17

Free Stuff!

I thought I would try a little something different. Free public posts to give everyone an idea of what goes on over here. This will be for a limited time, but you can always sign up to get more! A lot of times there are also Behind The Scenes video that go along with each set.


I hope you all enjoy! XO


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We're super excited to announce that the sponsor section of the website is NOW LIVE!  Sponsorships will help me chase my modeling dreams.  Modeling is an expensive pursuit and every little bit helps! In exchange for your support, as a sponsor, you'll get access to exclusive photos and other content. Plus, you'll get to stay updated on all the things I'm doing!

You can join today by clicking here.


Welcome to my brand new website! I'm super excited about this opportunity and to share my modeling journey with all of you. Plus, I'll have a sponsor section coming soon where you'll be able to help support my chasing my dreams and, in exchange, get access to exclusive content! Stay tuned!